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SET Endurance 10 hour 11/12 Septembre 2021

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Scootentole presents the 14th Endurance Challenge Scootentole: The 10 hours of MagnyCours (Club track) !!

Date for 2021 is September 11 & 12 !



The race time duration will be 10h, the reglements is simple and very openStrategy and reliability are the two keys of this new edition.
The number of scooter to take part of this Endurance race is now extended to 50  :wheeeha:; Anyway, make sure you book a slot as soon as possible

The track configuration will be the most twisty one ! Pay attention that this is quite a long and fast track ! 2,6 km long and 10m of wide


Rules, the main points:  (IF ANY QUESTION, PLEASE ASK !!)
Short summary: (Please read carefully the FULL reglement, see below)

  • FIVE categories   :wheeeha:  
    • SP3 : small promotion: original engine casing, case intake (except Malossi 136cc), cast iron cylinder (except original Alu), no exhaust bridge, air-cooled, max 51mm stroke and not flow-optimized crankshaft, polini/Malossi/Giannelli/leovince snake and similar 80s tuning type exhaust, max 24mm carburetor, 3 or 4 gears, original tank, no fiber parts for the chassis/side panel.
    • SP2 : small proto: original engine casing, case intake (except Malossi 136cc), max 59mm bore cylinder, no exhaust bridge, air-cooled, max 51mm stroke crankshaft, max 30mm carburetor, 3 or 4 gears, original tank, no fiber parts for the chassis/side panel
    • SP1 : small open:Everything else not fitting in SP3 and SP2  (Monster tank, fiber/carbon side panels, aluminum after-market cylinder kits, etc)
    • LP2 : large promotion: original engine casing, cast iron cylinder (except original Alu), air-cooled, original stroke and not flow-optimized crankshaft, max 24mm carburetor, 3 or 4 gears, original tank, no fiber parts for the chassis/side panel.
    • LP1 : large open: Everything else not fitting in LP2 (Monster tank, fiber/carbon side panels, aluminum after-market cylinder kits, etc)
  • No cut frame, no skeleton -> Full frame scooter, including headset, panels and mudguard
  • If you have a tube to strengthen your chassis, you must cover the hole between chassis and the tube
  • No 4 stroke, no automatic (vintage 4 Stroke, please contact us)
  • All tires type allowed
  • Teams of 3 to 5 pilots + team manager + mechanics; max 7 persons in the pit-stand !!
  • Pilot relay 65 mins maximum
  • Engine must be stopped in the pit-lane and scooter must be pushed 
  • Each push during the start will be sanctionned by a 1 hours blag flag in closed park (Drone control)


Technical Reglement (ENGLISH):

Additional reglement for Magny-Cours:


Booking/inscriptions - OPEN


Please send registration form to as soon as possible !


Booking fees - This rate includes practice and race, transponder rental (lap timing), drivers insurances, lottery ticket for each driver, bivouac/camping on the campsite…

  • 160 € per driver (min.3, max. 5)   WARNING: 180 € after the 15th August !
  • 10 € per visitors (everybody else except drivers)  WARNING: 15 € after the 15th August !


In order to validate the registration, please pay 50% of the total driver fees via online payment (indicate team number, and/or name and/or team manager name)



  • Bring Driving-licence for each driver
  • Bring Medical certificate of each driver (must be less than 1 year old). DMV insurance does NOT work as this is NOT an ESC race.
  • Bring filled-up and signed  technical checklist: Download AND PRINT document
  • There will a waiting list if we exceed the 50 scooters.





Saturday 5th of October

9:30 - 12:00 and  13:00-14:00 : Administrative registrations, technical inspection !

13:00 - 16:00: Free practice

16:00 – 17:00 : Qualifications

18:00: Team Manager's briefing (mandatory)

Sunday 6th of October

8h15 : Briefing pilots
8h45 : Grid
9h00 : Start
19h00 : Finish

19h30 : Podium + Tombola (lucky draw) + Apero !   :cheers:




Other information

  • Food-truck (we waiting for response)




Nevers Magny-Cours Technopole is located in Nièvre department (Bourgogne) 200 km in the south of Paris (2 hours by highway).

Magny-Cours Club circuit (school track) ... iste-club/

Camping allowed on the campsite (13 euros for each adult, free for drivers)
The facilities around the Club track cater for participants in comfortable conditions.

accomodations-hotels near the Technopole ... nt/hotels/

Join us on Facebook !

:gsf_chips:   :wheeeha:   :cheers:


Authentik Scooter


LTH - Lambretta Teile Heilbronn

MRP - High Performance

SIP Scootershop

AF Parts

Bienvenue à nos nouveaux sponsors ! 

Liztor Racing


Egig Performance ... 375575504/



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